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We have travelled alongside the coastline of Zanzibar, looking for the perfect spot for kitesurfing and living. Finally searches brought us to Paje, where after couple of days we assured ourselves that this is the best spot on the Island. Perfect wind conditions, plates full of sea food and unique nightlife atmosphere, makes it one of the most worth visiting places on the kitesurfing world map. Read more...

At SunSeaBear you will be welcomed with great kitesurfing conditions, and omnipresent Jumbo! which means „Hello” (suahili). Thanks to ever smiling locals you will feel like at home from the very first day of your vacation.

A traditional village which charms with authenticity is a complementation of island’s flavor. You will find many local shops along the main road. Shopping and dining in local restaurants will make your stay even more unforgettable.

You can safely walk on foot around the village. Every single day brings African riddim parties that turn to a lot of dancing and fun.

White sand, lush palms, anchored boats of local fishermen, and crystal water will make you feel the magic of paradise. Paje is a perfect destination for photographers and also selfie enthusiasts as well.

Paje offers a wide range of accomodation at various prices. Turists can choose between luxurious beach houses, rooms rented in guesthouses, hotel resorts, and thatched bungalows.


SunSeaBar School offers various forms of training at all levels. Since the first steps in kitesurfing to improving techniques and learning difficult kitesurfing stunts. Our school also gives you an access to rental services and storage. Read more...

Kitesurfing courses

SunSeaBar School offers various forms of training at all levels. Since the first steps in kitesurfing to improving techniques and learning difficult kitesurfing stunts. Our training staff is a group of ambitious, involved and most of all experienced instructors.

We train in accordance with international standards of International Kiteboarding Organization, and after completing a course we issue IKO certificate that is recognized around the world, as a proof of your achieved skills.

We provide a brand new and safe kitesurfing gear of renowed companies - Blade i Nobile as a part of every course.

To provide the best quality of training we train individually or in groups up to two persons.


3 h course

That is enough to feel the power of wind and kite. After this course you will know safety rules, how to set up equipment and control a kite on the water. If you feel that you want more (we guarantee that) you may upgrade to IKO level 2 and continue training with a board.

6 h course

This course transforms  a beginner kitesurfer to an independent kitesurfer. After completion of that course you will know safety rules, how to set up equipment yourself, how to launch the kite and land. You will become a safe user of the waters so that you can improve your kitesurfing skills. Independent Kitesurfer is the most popular choice among our clients.

9 h course

It is the most complete course we offer.  You will learn how to ride in both directions, how to control the speed, how to maintain the height according to the wind, how to go upwind and even how to make your first jump.


Equipment rental

If you don’t have your own equipment or if you want to get the equipment on the spot for your convenience, we are encouraging to use our rental services.  Renting allows adjusting models and sizes of kites and boards continuously depending on your needs, preferences and wind conditions.


Equipment storage

Using our storage you won’t have carry the equipment from the place use stay every day. The storage is equipped with lockers where your kites and boards are locked safely.



The SunSeaBar is located near the main spot at the heart of Paje. You can easily set up your gear on the nearby beach. Our beach boys will help you launch and land the kite.Our clients and guests have an access to our storage services, chill out zone, WC and shower to wash away seawater from the body.


There are two wind seasons on Zanzibar. European winter- Tanzaznian summer, is a period when Kaskasi wind blows on the island. Starting from 15th December, untill the end of march, we can enjoy the wind from 10 to 18 knots. With a little bit of luck you may have a week with wind exceeding 20 knots. Kaskasi is a sideshore wind with a Southern direction. During Tanzanian winter season, which is from 15th June to 15th September, Kusini wind blows at strength of 11 to 22 knots. Altgough days with wind exceeding 25 knots may occur. Kusini like Kaskasi is a sideshore wind, but of Northern direction. At that time temperature is about very cosy 25 C°.

A combination of stable winds with endless lagoon, where we can kite regardless of water level, will content most demanding surfers. Despite varied tides, we can kite in crystal clear, shallow water for most of a day. Conditions for learning just couldn’t be better. At low tide, water flattens out, creating outstanding opportunities for freestyle training. For wave lovers there is also a break on the reef surrounding the spot. It stretches for miles and waves reach even 2 meters high. On a wide, sandy beach, everybody will find a place to set up.


Take a break from windy spots and get on a trip to the magnificent mangrove forest. Discover unbelievable diversity of endemic trees, plants and animals. Finding your way through all that flora gives a lot of fun.


We will sail on StandUpPaddleBoards along meandering rivers to discover rarely accessible places and breathtaking views on our way. Sometimes on knees, or rowing just with your hands we will be passing native villages. A picturesque sun set will compensate all efforts to get there.

Price for the trip: 50$/person (including transport and board rental)


Paje offers  various  types of accommodation: starting from a backpack standard room to luxurious residences and hotels. If you prefer hotel standards here is a list of hotels recommended by SunSeaBar: Show hotels list

http://www.zanzibararabiannights.com/  - a hotel directly by the SunSeaBar



http://www.whitesandvillas.com/ - the most exclusive hotel in Paje

It is recommended to check prices and availability on www.booking.com

Additional attractions

We know that for some people kitesurfing is not the only thing that makes holidays great. You will fall in love in Zanzibar at the first sight.  Charming nature and diversity of Zanzibar together with breathtaking views will remain in your memory for a long time.

The most popular tours:
  • diving and snorkeling
  • Sport fishing, in other words professional ‘’game fishing’’
  • Spice Tour –  a trip to a spice plantation
  • Jozani Forest – a meeting with red colobus monkeys
  • Stone Town – the capital of Zanzibar where Freddie Mercury was born.
  • Safari Blue – a cruise and snorkeling on a coral reef
  • Nungwi Tour – experience the local culture and traditions
  • Dolphin Tour –swimming and diving with dolphins
  • Turtle Island – the giant tortoise sanctuary
  • Nungwi Turtle Sanctuary – sea turtles in Nungwi
  • Surfing Trip – a trip to the best surfing spots
  • SUP trips

Travel info

We know that a vacation is this part of year where everything should be perfect. We’d like to introduce key information on flights, mobility, health, currency and other matters that could slightly complicate your dream holidays.



Zanzibar (ZNZ) – Zanzibar International Airport. The journey takes 13-23h depending on the service you choose and the number of connecting flights.

  • Emirates Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Kenya Airways
  • Turkish Airlines - KLM
  • Swiss Air
  • Jetairfly
  • British Air

Dar es Salaam (DAR)  - International Airport in Dar es Salam which is the main and the  largest city of Tanzania. Flights to Dar es Salaam are often much cheaper.  There are two ways  that you can travel to Zanzibar:

  1. Local airlines: Coastal Air, Precision Air (about $70/pp,a single fare).  The flight takes 20 minutes.
  2. A Ferry: It takes about 2h 30 min, the price is about $35-$60 depending on a class. http://www.azammarine.com/schedule/

If you need an airport transfer write to us. Give us information about the number of people, equipment, arrival time and accommodation.


At the moment there isn’t any necessary vaccination before entering Tanzania (including Zanzibar). However, the situation changes from time to time, so check the latest requirements before the arrival. Vaccination against yellow fever is required only from people who are travelling from countries where this disease occurs.

The list of current information about vaccinations and health in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Dehydration – caused by insufficient water intake or alcohol abuse:

  1. Dehydration – caused by insufficient water intake or alcohol abuse.
  2. Stomach issues which occur occasionally. Nifuroxazide or Laremid usually help.  Under no circumstances drink tap water. For the same reasons, pay attention to the origin of ice-cubes  which are added to cocktails at beach bars. Ice in hotels is usually safe.
  3. Sunburn,  especially during kitesurfing when you don’t feel the force of sunlight. It is recommended to take a high SPF sunscreen.


EU Citizens obtain a tourist visa at the Tanzanian border. The visa is valid for 3 months and costs 50 USD.


The Tanzanian Shilling is the currency in Tanzania. 1 USD = approx. 2000 Tsh+. The nearest ATM is located in Stone Town. The maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn from ATM is 400,000 Tsh that equals 200 USD. You can pay in dollars almost everywhere.

Credit cards are only accepted at good restaurants and in shops for tourists. Very often this kind of payment charges a 5% commission.

Currency exchange works without major problems. You can get the best exchange rate by exchanging $50 and $100 notes. The lower notes you want to exchange the lower exchange rate you get. It is good to have some petty cash for everyday expenses. Tanzanians definitely prefer dollars than Euros.


Mobile phones with an European SIM cards work without any troubles. Internet is available in most hotels and Internet cafés. There is a possibility to purchase a SIM card with enabled data transmission. It is the best option for people who have smartphones and tablets.


  • EU to UK plug adapter
  • a high SPF sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • a hat to protect head from sun


DO NOT - walk in swimsuits through the village and town because it may be treated as a form of insult of local culture and traditions that are strongly related to Islam. We are not responsible for any consequences of insulting local inhabitants by wearing skimpy clothes. DO NOT - walk alone at night in Stone Town. DO NOT - be tricked by ‘’beach boys’’. The men who offer all kind of services and goods but not always with good intentions. DO -  it is worth to calm your mind when something needs more time than in Europe. Locals say ‘’ Europeans have clocks and Africans have time’’. DO -  kuse only licensed taxis. We do not recommend hitch-hiking. DO - order a meal before you get totally hungry. Waiting time may be surprisingly long. DO - you can give children some candies but do not give them money. Money encourages them to begging.



kite school: info@sunseabar.com

accommodation: sunseabarkitehouse@gmail.com

mobile/whatsapp: +255 774 777 506

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